Serier utgivna av Marvel Comics

Kick-Ass 2

Kick-Ass 2 omslag

Vi har inte fått in någon beskrivning av denna bok från förlaget. Om boken ännu inte utkommit är en beskrivning av boken förhoppningsvis på gång. Ett tips är annars att söka upp förlagets hemsida där mer information om boken kan … Läs mer …

The Ultimates 2 Ultimate Collection

ultimates 2 omslag

ULTIMATES II ULTIMATE COLLECTION TPB Written by MARK MILLAR Penciled by BRYAN HITCH Cover by BRYAN HITCH The beginning of the end? They are the greatest heroes the world has ever known: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Wasp, Giant … Läs mer …

The Ultimates Ultimate Collection

Ultimates omslag

Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. The X-Men and Magneto. Strange beings with incredible powers have risen up to challenge the old order, and ordinary citizens are scared witless. The government’s solution: a small but lethal army known as the Ultimates, … Läs mer …

The Eternals by Jack Kirby Book 2

The Eternals by Jack Kirby omslag

A time of titans, terror, and time travel – as only the King could conceive! Imagine a race of immortal beings possessed of seemingly limitless superhuman abilities including energy projection, strength, and flight. Once worshiped as gods, this fantastic group … Läs mer …

X-Men: Supernovas

X-Men omslag

Collects X-Men Nos 188-199, Annual. Ovanstående information är hämtad från förlagens beskrivning av boken.

X-Men: Blinded by the Light

X-Men omslag

The X-Men face meltdown from within and from without…and their leader, Rogue, faces something worse. Meanwhile, a mysterious strike force is taking out the few remaining mutants one by one, with ruthless efficiency. But who is the ultimate target? Featuring … Läs mer …